The nutritional contents of pears are shown below.

Average Pear per 100g edible Portion

Energy 43.6 calories
Energy 187.1kJ
Protein 0.33g
Carbohyrate 9.2g
Sugar 8.9g
Sucrose 0.6g
Glucose 2.2g
Fructose 6.4g
Fat 0.14g
Saturated Fat 0.003g
Total Dietary Fibre 2.72g
Sodium 0.003g
Salt 0.007g
Starch 0.035g
Polyol (Sorbitol) 3.3g
Non Starch Polysaccharides 2.04g
Chloride 1.04mg
Calcium 8.3mg
Iron 0.2mg
Manganese 6.6mg
Phosphorous 11.8mg
Potassium 129.0mg
Zinc 0.11mg
Copper 0.07mg
Manganese 0.04mg
Flouride 0
Selenium 0.32μg
Iodine 1.0μg
Vitamin C 4.8mg
Vitamin B1 0.02mg
Vitamin B2 0.03mg
Vitamin B3 0.23mg
Pantothetic Acid 0.07mg
Vitamin B6 0.02mg
Folate 4.04μg
Choline 5.1mg
Biotim 0.16μg
Vitamin A (RE) 2.5μg
Vitamin E 0.43mg
Vitamin K 2.7μg
Unsaturated Fat 0.021g
Mono-un saturated fat 0.005g
Poly-un saturated fat 0.016g
Trans fat 0
Cholesterol 0
A-Carotene 0.1μg
B-Cryptoxanthin 1.4μg
Lutein & xeaxanthin 49.3μg
Phytosterols 8.0mg
Water 82.8ml
Pectin (may vary) 1.64g